Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Elk makes a return to Missoula for Total Fest VIII, and we couldn’t be happier. Last year’s performance was one for the ages. They played in the Palace and brought the crowd to their knees. It was a revealing set that will be remembered for some time. Black Elk consists of Dan Capuano on bass, Erik Trammel on guitar (formerly of Wadsworth), Jeff Watson on the drums and Tom Glose on vocals. This Portland 4 piece will have you screaming for more and they will deliver it. When I hear Black Elk, I get the unmistakable likeness of Jesus Lizard and punk rock sensibilities of Black Flag. Black Elk has torched Missoula more than once, and it is never a show to miss so do not miss these guys as you may see more of them than you would expect.

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