Saturday, June 27, 2009

If you've been around Montana in the last four or five years, and are a fan of noise, psych and loud rock and roll, you're probably aware of some of the groups that preceded Red Obelisk. Drummer David Stickney and guitarist Wes Williamson were probably juniors at Hellgate High School when Volumen turned them out to open the record release for Science Faction. That band was called Riddilin Que (pronounced somehow "ritalin queue"), and I never exactly figured out what it meant. The band was a excellent trashy, psychadelic outfit that seemed to draw inspiration equally from Mudhoney, the Butthole Surfers and MC5. They were a loud, wild group and considering their ages (seventeen) it was hard not to like them.

Timed moved on, and the Riddilin Que lineup parted ways. Wes went on to found Shotgun Moses with Blake Bickel and Ian Ford. Shotgun Moses played (by comparison) heavy, slow, riffy metal. David went on to drum for M.O.M.S., a loud progressive double drummer outfit. Just about a year ago, I ran into Wes and he alerted me to his new band, Red Obelisk, and assured me it was more journey to the center of your mind than anything he'd been involved with. When I saw them, I was immediately reminded of the same psychedelic punk vibe from Honky Sausage (later Fireballs of Freedom) shows 15 years ago. Loud, wild, and feedback punctuated. It's music that always seems to be on the brink of total collapse and absolute genius! RED OBELISK! I stake my reputation (as a "fannypack wearin', 90's substitute gym teacher-lookin' wad") at the base of the Obelisk.

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