Tuesday, June 9, 2009

“Raw” is sometimes thrown around to compensate for a sentiment that isn’t there. Not here. Gritty and simple, Glassell Park 3 pounds out a raucous blues / garage punk from their box n snare, guit-jo and bass that eschews any sense of an orchestrated presence. Bearing the name of one of Los Angeles’s older neighborhoods, GP 3’s sound serves as a constant check to the gentrification and leveling that most neighborhoods experience. This is an active celebration that dares you to resist its train-like pull. GP 3 gathers inspiration and energy from the communal space around them and churns out a foot pounding, sweat milking tempo that is bound to win them an entire set of new friends and compatriots.

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Anonymous said...

Hillstomp are good friends with these guys and said not to miss them