Thursday, June 25, 2009

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TacocaT reminds of what I like about rockers like Exene Cervenka from X, Jennifer Clavin from Mika Miko, and Kia Liszak from Sasshole. To borrow from the band's recent Stranger interview, they're all songbirds. They deliver punk goods (beautifully) and move/have moved the music forward with force.

Emily TacocaT's got one of those voices that there's just something about. It renews your purpose! It says "hey, this shit's around for a reason! Turn it up!" The palpable enthusiasm and fun this group brings is half of their appeal. The other half is the fact that they're natural songwriters, and the music stands up tall as a great reminder that sometimes, the rock and roll formula is there for a reason, and that even though no algebraic time signatures, Tuvan throat singing, or noisy skree are part of the package, the music is still fresh and excellent as it was thirty years ago.

Total Organizer Marty's been talking up this Seattle group up for years, and finally, playing their newish LP at one of the (several!) listening sessions, it all clicked into place. The palindrome name. The simple, effective, rad punk songs. The dolphin on the LP jacket. Ladies and gents, voila: TacocaT!

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Anonymous said...

These ladies (and dude) are super fun live. Great catch Totalfest Crew!