Monday, June 29, 2009

Flagstaff, Arizona is a town supposedly a lot like Missoula. Mountainous, with a big university, several solid bookstores, a pretty serious Frisbee Golf community, and with a healthy DIY punk scene. Somewhere near the pulsating high-desert heart of Flag's DIY punk heard are the Casebeer brothers, whose persistence in the world of metallic punk is unrivalled.

Had these bros decided upon a more hip/urban zip code from which to base their blown-out, wild musical assaults, I think they'd be on Relapse and touring with Mastodon by now. But that's not their path. This Runs on Blood is a DIY outfit, and that DIYness has allowed them to put out some of the most beautiful (and simultaneously disturbing) releases we Total Fest organizers get to see. Their screen-printed 12" and 7" get passed around the circle to a small chorus of "ooohs" and "ahs." The bands hand-made releases are packed with handwritted serial killer style lyric scrawl, and beautfully executed foldover sleeves and, whod've guessed, blood red vinyl. Meanwhile, the assault of Johny/Greg and Josh pours like an high speed ooze of O- out of the speakers. See also Stab City Slitwrists, JETOMI, and if you want to go waaaaay back, Shitbastard.

Flag Underground - This Runs On Blood from kimball denetso on Vimeo.

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