Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The aftermath of this ‘quake will have everyone stranded in Missoula for the duration of Total Fest IX.
SLC’s Birthquake! Is a brotherly trio of music-makers who may or may not be able to tie their shoes, but are sure to make you smile and sway. Their debut album Rejoice the Noise from Salt Lake’s Kilby Records captures a smooth mixture of pop and Tropicana balanced with some heavy riffs and beats that had me rejoicing their brand of “noise”. Nicholas Daniel on guitar, Matthew Levi on percussion, and Gregoree Scott on bass, each sibling dutifully contributes to the percussin’. The brothers three are accented by horns, woodwinds, tropical chants and the type of friendly banter that just makes you feel good. “I love you brother!” was a line I caught in one of their tunes in the midst of yip-yips and ya-hoos. If you like make-it-yerself music and laughing with family and friends then I suggest you give Birthquake a listen and practice your wood block. I’ll be at home polishing some new dance moves for this year’s fest waiting patiently to try them out with the Birthquake! Bros.
Rejoice the noise ye grrls and bois! And abandon any thoughts of looking too cool to dance like you were a three-year-old.

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