Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Dante's Purgatorio, Belacqua sits in the shade of a boulder as he waits out his time. What use is there to ascend the mountain, when Purgatory is transitory and release is on the horizon? Why toil when the promise of Purgatory is that you'll eventually cross through the gates? The issue, of course, is that the goal of the gates is as much of a false promise as is the promise of release. The listless August days of the Missoula summer can make some of us think we're sweltering through some purgatorial period. We crawl from the shade and splash in the rivers waiting for the night to come, bbqs to flare and the pabst to stop sweating out.

Self-proclaimed unintentional musings that sprung from a drunken Portland backyard campfire in 2008, A Coin in the Coffer mixes Pogue-like vocals with marching acoustic rhythms. The grit of the vocals and the playfulness of the lyrics relish in the toothless decay of the world. They snagged their name from the 16th century false promise of the immediate release from Purgatory when the fare is paid: “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, The soul from Purgatory springs.” ACC's lyrics offer macabre themes that lament against the indulgent excess of society. Don't let that seriousness spill your beer. From all accounts, they pack a celebratory punch and all the playfulness of their live shows give that sense of joy that we all need. So get out of the shade, move your river drenched butt to Total Fest and cast off the chains of false promise. We're all in this together; there's no escape. (Ed. note: one-time Montanan, Ass-End Offend/Squalora drummer Dan Lawlor's in this band!)

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