Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you haven’t heard Turner Capehart’s voice grace the airwaves of local college radio in the months since the release of his Fugazi produced album Building Your Own Hidden Fortress, I suggest you proceed immediately to his MySpace and get a taste.

Building Your Own Hidden Fortress
is the first solo album by Turner Capehart, but I refuse to call it his “debut”. It is a full length, nine part story of beautiful variations and intense feeling. This record sounds like a Shoegaze dream of noise and experimental folk, both electric and acoustic.

I saw a Turner perform at a house show this winter with Julie and the Wolves (also playing TF9) and Travis Sehorn and I was thoroughly impressed by the musician-isto that Turner Capeheart has become. His stage presence is modest among his arsenal of instruments and funky spirit. The house show and a later show at the BSMT restored my hope in the local Missoula music scene that seems to ebb and flow in and out of the valley. The local folk scene has been renovated by Turner’s all-inclusive music making abilities. The track “Fire Season” tells a story with fast speech, fast fingerpickin’ and great accent accompaniments.

He has resuscitated the fish-on-dry-land condition of storytelling music with lyrics that could be read like poetry. Oh where will he go with this? Check up on Turner Capehart at this year’s Total Fest IX.

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