Friday, May 21, 2010

A Google of "Chinese" isn't the best way to narrow your results for this Seattle two-piece of Aaron Campeau and Michael Strenski. The blog-spot is equally evasive; however, I'm impressed with the defense of Showgirls. It's hard to find someone who respects a campy flop as much as I do – even harder to find someone who puts that much effort in defending the movie.

I have to admit that I'm a bit partial to two-pieces. There's usually less ego, less equipment, less posturing, but more rock, more energy and more tantrum. Chinese doesn't disappoint at any level. This guitar-drum pair weave together some awesome, self-proclaimed loud, abrasive, danceably a-rhythmic punk rock noise. We should probably shy away from a-rhythmic, though. Nothing is truly a-rhythmic. Their sustained distortions and quick changes may keep you guessing as the noise congeals into something beyond rhythm. It makes you happy, or, at the least, it should. This isn't saying that you need to go look at yourself in the mirror, but you're missing something if you're not smiling during their set. Seriously.

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