Monday, May 24, 2010

These “old fogies” are not old and ignored.
Former Missoula music-scener Dylan White (a Sherlock in his past life) returns from Portland with his merry band of AARP-ers to perform at Total Fest the Ninth. Grandparents are coming to Total Fest to school us with their folk, psychadelia, and world-trip sounds of a well-aged band…perhaps the age of your grandparents. These not-so-senior citizens also serve as the Northwestern Guru of Sitar sounds and tabla rocking.

Grandparents’ tracks welcome you to a tribal ceremony (no induction necessary) ala Jason Spaceman, Allman Brothers Band, CSNY, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Byrds. But they are no means a copy, their music is loaded with original lyrics among a collage of organic sounds and synthetic noises. Songs about talking to trees, and herb rekindle the romantically irresistible hippy phase we all went through. The sound of Grandparents is a careful concoction of chemicals and Eastern spices, it’s an aural drug like you’ve never tried before. Upon hearing their album …
dig everything you will leave your earthly body and happily drift into outer space to feel as lost as the Taj Mahal in snow. I do…dig everything and my plants grow much happier while listening to GRANDPARENTS.

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Granddaughter said...

After listening to their music and seeing this hilarious picture, I'm pretty convinced the live show is going to be excellent.