Friday, June 18, 2010

Portland, via the inland northwest two-piece the Ax weild the kind of heavy, spartan bluesy punk rock hammer that Federation X did. Their sounds have got that haunted, far off but present feeling, and combined with loud drums and austere riffs they've got a way of worming into your mind and staying there. It's wild how much their 2009 Whoa! Boat LP, entitled (in a tres 90's sort of way that made me stoked) of Our Queen of Dirt makes me sick for the good old days when a summer never passed without a Fed X/Narrows tour.

Chris Pierce and Adam Jelsing have a worn-in, familiar vibe when they play and Our Queen of Dirt flew way too low on radar for a record of its quality. Let's do something about that, shall we? Wanna sneak preview? Get stageside when the Ax hack into town on July 10 (at the BSMNT in Missoula) with Belt Of Vapor and see what this group's got on offer. It's punk rock with it's own flavor, and the flavor is loud, heavy and good.

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Adam said...

THE BSMT SHOW IS ON JULY 10TH, not the 8th.