Thursday, June 10, 2010

Storming out of the rain-swollen gutters of Portland, OR, Warcry is absolutely crushing hardcore from folks who have been around long enough to know how to do it exactly right. Members of Tragedy, Talk Is Poison, Hellshock, etc. take their cues from Discharge's relentless aural assault and bleak world view. With a live show that will leave you feeling like you got nailed in the face with a sledgehammer, Warcry couples their unapologetic and misanthropic lyrics with tunes that would fit right alongside the sounds of a bomb ridden battlefield. While they're certainly not reinventing the wheel, goddamnit they're definitely making it better than anyone else.

Having recently returned stateside from a Brazilian tour and documented over the years by a spread of face-melting releases (seriously, could they have fit any MORE pick slides in there!?!), Warcry will get even the most sullen of punks to pump their fists, bash their heads, and go running for the nearest underground fallout shelter. Nevermind the inevitable apocalypse, I'm more concerned about the wicked bangover I'll have the next day. You've been warned! Photos by Daigo Oliva and Karoline Collins.

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Anonymous said...

Hope these guys are playing Saturday as I do not know how many will be left to attend the other nights if not.