Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My parents can breath a sigh of relief that the White Drugs debut album came out ten years after my sophomore year of high school because that album would have put me straight into juvie. I mean I’m almost thirty years old and still get the urge to bash in a mailbox every time the first note of “Harlem” hits me in the chest.

I have never seen White Drugs live before, but I’ve heard enough of their music on wax to envision what’s in store for us when these Denton, TX boys take the stage. I can imagine a tornado of noise, bashing drums, a frenzy of fuzzed out guitars, beer and possibly some blood. These guys are loud and they WILL make your eardrums feel bad about themselves in the morning but I can’t wait. White Drugs is set to play the Amphetamine Reptile 25th Anniversary Bash and release their second album on the legendary label as well. So uh, get excited!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Question wantagers--the blind shake were announced and now they are missing, are they not? Are they still on?

Wantage USA said...

We were courting the Blind Shake, but they've got some pending employment that's going to mean it's an off-year for them. Unfreakingfortunately.