Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where do I even begin. There are a handful of people that have unknowingly played major roles in my life, even if from a distance. Todd Congelliere, in various forms, just so happens to be one of those individuals (so I guess he's partially to blame?). From the time my old high school band drove up to New Jersey all starry-eyed to play a show with F.Y.P. (and the undeniable Grumpies!) that left our young minds splattered all over the walls of the crumbly VFW, to setting up and attending unforgettable basement shows for Toys That Kill on both sides of the country. From the countless phenomenally great releases on his
Recess Records imprint (I SPY, Grumpies, Japanther, Off With Their Heads, The Bananas, not to mention all the recent represses of Screeching Weasel, Queers, Pinhead Gunpowder - where does it end!?!), to dancing wildly to his more recent Underground Railroad to Candyland band's shows that have left me sweaty, exhausted, and anxiously counting down the time till they can next swing through whatever town I'm living in at the moment. Todd's recurring role throughout my life is no accident either - this man has done more for independent punk rock than most of us could ever hope to do or will ever try to.

I tell you all this because I just don't think Todd needs any more of an official intro - he and his various bands (Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Stoned at Heart) have all graced the stage at numerous Total Fests over the years and let's be honest, who hasn't blasted "Dance My Dunce" at two in the morning, loaded on 40's of Steel Reserve and day-old dumpstered pizza?? Well, maybe not all of us have that in common, but can we at least view it as something to aspire towards? Anywho, we are unabashedly proud to be having Todd Congelliere back to play his own songs at this year's Total Fest IX, backed by fellow San Pedro folks and his favorite local band, Audacity.

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