Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy jeez a'mighty, the heavy hitters have been coming out of the proverbial woodworkings! Tonight, we've stoked that the mighty Minnesotans in Gay Beast are in town! GB's a wild progressively bent punk the likes of the world hasn't seen since the heyday of weirdo bent punk like Scratch Acid chopped up with Ruins, or something. That show's going on tonight, Wednesday (une 30) at the BSMT at 235 N. 1st, in the basement and excellent locals and Total Fest IX bands Shahs and Fag Rag open. $5 gets one in!

Then, oh man what a week, on Friday (June 30) we've got a serious two-fer of a show. Or maybe a four-fer if we're being technical. Seriously bitching Seattle punks Tacocat come out and bring their catchily ferocious, energetic deal to the Badlander. Tacocat have got Butte-roots and spunk to the gills. It's hard as hell to not have a good time at a freakin' Tacocat show. Billings MT's Budgets share members with Noise Noise Noise, but offer a more garage rock attack than Noise's power pop deal. Good news all around, people. More good news than a truckful of souped up Harleys at Evel Kneivel Days. We'll see you there.

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