Monday, June 14, 2010

This year, as a special lead-in, get-folks-stoked, build-some-momentum sort of a deal, we've got a handful of TOTAL TESTS, shows with some kind of unique Total Fest connection.

The first show is with Louisville, Kentucky's mighty Lords and it happens Tuesday, June 15 at the palace lounge on Broadway in Missoula. I did a show for Lords and Akimbo in 2007 and my jaw is still lying in the alley behind the short-lived MARS show space.

Exaggeration and hyperbole can be excessively used tools in the world of writing about bands, so let me put this as succinctly and honestly as possible: Lords play with a tightness, loudness and band dynamic that one's hard-pressed to find in 2010. It's the kind of music that leaves me with a wide grin, and total ear-ringing, what the fuck just happened kind of euphoria that bands like Karp did. Lords' stuff is a little more blocky, or start-stoppy and with shorter songs, but it's got that same kind of whoa vibe going on. So, come and party with Lords, and check out rad locals Thug Nasties and Velcro Kicks!

By the by: If you like this poster, and we sure do, write to Mathew LaRubio (theantunderground AT yahoo) o pay him to design yours.

Total Test 2010 Lead-In Shows.
-Tuesday, June 15: Lords (Louisville), Thug Nasties (Missoula), Velcro Kicks (Missoula) -the Palace Palace Lounge
-Monday, June 21st- Fugitive Kind, Goddammitboyhowdy, and Birds Mile Home (BSMT, ask around)

Sunday, June 27: Thou (Louisiana), Moloch (England), Bridgebuilder, Judgement Hammer (secret venue, ask around)

-Monday. June 28th- Raw Nerves( PORTLAND), Former Thieves(IOWA), TSMF, and The Graveyard Girlscouts(KALISPELL) -(BSMT Missoula, ask around)

-Friday July 2nd- Tacocat(SEATTLE), The Budgets(BILLINGS), and Secret Powers and Streetlight People at The Badlander

-Saturday, July 4th-Black Wine, Fag Rag, Tyson Ballew -(house show, ask around)

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MBR said...

Monday May 28th at The BSMT Former Thieves cancelled and Missoulas The Juveniles will open the show.