Monday, June 21, 2010


The past couple of years it seems like Seattle has produced two things, facial hair and dudes with facial hair playing music I can only imagine astronauts listen to when they are going into hyper-slumber on their way to Mars. So you can imagine how refreshing The Unnatural Helpers are to a scene I always associated with all out rock n’ roll, for gods sake Seattle you have fucking Mudhoney! With whip tight drumming and punch-drunk guitar riffs The Unnatural Helpers fuses together no-nonsense, straight to your brain rock tunes. These dudes don’t mess around either; they get to the point with songs clocking in at an average of two-minutes each. Anything longer would seem - well - unnatural.

Dean Whitmore (The Diapers, Intelligence and Welcome) serves as drummer, lead vocalist and primary force behind The Unnatural Helpers surrounding himself with an ever-revolving lineup that has included members of The Lights, Kinski, The Intelligence, Dutchess and the Duke and Idle Times. So half the fun of The Unnatural Helpers playing Total Fest is one can only imagine who will be showing up to play along with Whitmore.


MBR said...

You can't really recognize him in the peach shirt but picture him with cut-off jeans, tie die-shirt, covered in spit and beer, or in front of a george foreman grill on you tube, and you have none other than.....Billy Brownnote, aka Billygoat trash, of the, memorable Trashies.

Can't wait to see you again my friend.

Anonymous said...

These guys are punk as fuck, except for Dean. He still sucks his thumb.