Friday, May 8, 2015


Picture by Holly Huthman
Big Business played the third Total Fest, which was held at the then-Cowboy Bar, and the fourth one I think, at the American Legion hall -the fabled year when the toilet got broken, people were reduced to Sparks-original recipe-caused hallucinations and Last of the Juanitas played their last* show (*we're pretty sure of the veracity of that fact). And then we had them out for the tenth Total Fest, back in ought-eleven. They are a band that can't not bring an immense heap of good times, amazing tunes, great musicianship. And we think having Big Business on a Total Fest stage this year is a great way for us to close out our run.

Musically, I think with Big Biz you get a little something like an umami kind of fullness. You get riffs. You get massive drums. You get great lyrics. And the total package you get makes it all the more big and good. Look at their wikipedia entry or the Encylopedia Metallum if you want to dig into their pedigree. It involves the Tight Bros From Way Back When, among others. Mostly, I've just wanted to type the words "Encyclopedia Metallum" somewhere for a while, you know.

On a kind of more serious note, it's been a while since they've been to Missoula, and I've missed seeing them regularly. August is a long while to wait.

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