Thursday, May 14, 2015


Mr. Dad
Mr. Dad remind me thoroughly of what excited me so much about the Boston band Fat Day: intensity, brevity, and the ability to create a weird parallel universe that exists for about eleven minutes while they play, then is gone. Spastic energy is one of those things that can't be harnessed, but it can be witnessed, and participated in, and that's what I think about when I try wrap my mind around Mr. Dad's oeuvre. Their most recent full length is called "Never Get Off The Boat" and we're pretty sure is reference to an Apocalypse Now quote. That makes us like them even more. We heard about Mr. Dad first, I think, from Drew from Brain Tumors who put in a strong recommendation for getting them for Total Fest.

Why Not, Minot? Freezin's the Reason.
Minot's one of those places you go and kind of wonder how this hill country/prairie/university town in North Dakota got to be so cool, and you remember, a place isn't about size, or a particular set of amenities, it's about people. And by people, I mean really specific people making a community, and creating something like a music scene, shows, good food and beer, and art and all the important things that go along with community. Minot hosts by far one of the region's greatest music festivals in Why Not and that happens August 7-9 there. All sorts of cool stuff happens.

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