Saturday, May 16, 2015


I was told two things before writing this post: 1) Divers have this habit of being pegged as too "indie" for the punk crowd or too "punk" for the indie crowd and 2) Everybody loves comparing them to Springsteen. I dunno. I mean, I get the above points but what I'm really hearing, what I'm gonna tell you guys because jeez, I think Divers are pretty sweet and they're totally playing the fest this year...I think these guys borrow more from the Replacements or even some of the Ian-centric Fugazi songs. It's all in the conviction, man, and Divers got that in spades. I know I'm not the only one noticing: Divers just got voted "Best New Portland Band" in the Willamette Week's 2015 poll.

If you're the kind of punk that values pretty intense feelings, seeing a rapturous live show featuring other punks' pretty intense feelings, and totally owning the meaning of the word "us," then you are hella lucky because Divers is the perfect band for you. For me. For probably everybody.

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