Monday, May 11, 2015


Photo: Birds The Word
Admittedly, I'm partial to music that is unapologetic and brash. There's a chance it can grow stale, I guess, but the angst / aggression that drives it removes a lot of clutter, allowing for the tempo to rip through any pretensions. Buildings' 2011 release, Melt Cry Sleep, struck the right chord for me: there's the big guitar riffs, abused drums, throbbing base, and guttural-barked lyrics creating a perfect onslaught of noise. Almost any review will mention the similarity to the 80s or 90s AmRep vibe. That's all well and good. There's a bit of nostalgia clinging to it,  but Buildings don't stop there as they add layer upon layer, merging an odd toe-tapping vibe with the constant slaps in the face.

The last time Buildings played Total Fest they encountered so many mishaps on the road, I was sure they were cursed. They were touring with Hawks, who due to some van "trouble" basically rolled into town, set up, and played their set. It was a good set, but I think the chaos was a distraction. Buildings set was magnificent, but after I walked away to work my door shift, Brian's equipment gave out. A few days later, bones were broken. I've never been happier for two bands to make it home. Since then, Buildings released a split 7" on Exit Music,Riot House Records released It Doesn't Matter in 2014, and they've changed bassists (again). It Doesn't Matter builds on their crushing, jarring sound while it retains and maybe exploits the playful quality that was somewhat hidden in their early releases.

Live, they're ferocious, pounding through their set with a refreshing fuck you vibe. You can play the records as loud as you want, but their ear-ringing live sets is where it's at. Buildings is brutally brilliant, and we're totally stoked to have them play Total Fest this year. 

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