Saturday, May 16, 2015


naomi punk
Everybody says grunge. I don't think that's it, man. Naomi Punk, yeah, they come from the Great Northwest (Olympia, WA), but just because you play something that looks like a jagstang in a three-piece doesn't necessarily mean you're beholden to a tradition that lived and died over twenty years ago. There are similarities but that's mostly because this a group of humans making music: that's bound to be compared to just about anything. 

We all know: Mike just wanted a goddamn Pepsi. Naomi Punk just play, no frills, an incredible amount of volume, and one of those things I think that makes them really stand out to these ears: this odd sense of, well, "triumphant-ness." I don't think that's a word. It should be. Naomi Punk's live shows belie this knowing kind of intensity that creates a tension that touches you and then, wow, they did that thing where it just kinda makes you understand what the hell it meant (it means!) to be PUNK. You are at this show, buddy, you know the way this works. They pummel like the big big metal bands pummel and they math out like every college kid with a Wittgenstein fetish and man, can you tell I'm excited that I'm telling you how awesome it is that Naomi Punk (Naomi Punk!) is gonna play Total Fest this year? Believe it, people. Epic it shall be.


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