Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The most difficult question I'm asked is "who are you stoked on for this year's Total Fest?" Part of me takes offense to the question. I'm stoked for every band who plays each year. The variety and energy of Total Fest's lineups are what drew me to the festival in the first place, what compelled me to offer up my volunteer services, and kept me coming back year after year. It's hard for me to single out a band, almost pointless. That said, one of last year's blow my shoes off performances came at the hands and aggressive vocals of Kitten Forever.

The trio of Corrie, Laura, and Liz offer one of the most powerful, fun, in-your-face, stage presences that I've seen in a long time. For me, there's a definite Mika Miko vibe coming from the telephone mics, the profound, unabashed celebration of femininity, and the vocalizations that come off at once as a conversational, dismissive, snotty, and relentless, I don't give a fuck get out of my face, challenge to everything that stands in their way. Top that off with all three members assuming different roles in the band, seamlessly changing between songs so that the intensity never wanes, and you have everything punk rock wishes it could be. There's an incredible balance between the issues they challenge -- particularly being women in music -- and the infectious, smile inducing tempos of their songs. The lyrics are brilliantly smart and poignant, dismantling and reworking a host of cultural representations, while the swarm of the music dares you to resist its force. Kitten Forever leaves nothing unearthed and pulls out a sick arsenal of drums, bass, and vocals to sledge away at the various cultural structures that have been erected -- either by blind ignorance, choice, or, simply, one-sided history.

Resistance is futile. Join the revolution folks because it's the one thing we have; and, in the end, it's the only meaningfully fun way to go. You attack the world honestly; you leave it honestly ... and you can smile from that knowledge. Get loud little beasts

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