Tuesday, May 24, 2011


If you've been around any punk rock sort of happening in Missoula in the last couple of years, you've probably witnessed a Bad Naked show. Bad Naked's a guy (identity unconfirmed) who's got songs about failure balls, the Billings Metra's lost roof, what dogs like, and (your) not being able to keep Bad Naked down. It's incredible stuff, really. Among the best that Missoula's got happening right now.

A "show" in the world of Bad normally consists of gathering a handful of folks around, playing a bizarre acoustic bass and singing an awesome set of approximately 10-12 1.5 minute long songs, played outdoors between bands, with an audience singing whole songs along with Bad.

The youtube clip below's a pretty good idea of what it's all about. Not long ago, it went from novelty-with-guts territory to sheer brilliance. Not sure if it was the wheat gluten free diet that Bad's recently started or what, but this stuff has got a kind of original, awesome, weird, shitty, funny excellence that you don't see but a couple times per lifetime.


Mike, Rick Vyvyan, and Neil said...

Jussa nuther FALL rip off. But WE like the Clif influence.

Anonymous said...

You're totally right, Mark E. Smith's got the market cornered on mysanthropic scuzzy rock!