Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SHAHS ////*there’s no “the” doods\\\

Shahs is Tom Helgerson and Colin Johnson. Can I now safely say they are Missoulians? They came from the Minneapolis motherland, but that was ages ago. …Or it seems that way because Shahs has played everywhere and anywhere the past two-ish years. Their name is constantly plastered all over handbills and show posters around town.

Anyway, Tom has been spreading Shahs’ sound around Missoula and has only recently added his good friend Colin into the mix. Their metro-blended musical cocktail will get you drunk on goooood vibes. Each song is built on a looping of beats made by machine or by mouth and layered with reverberations of delay and distortion pedals. Shahs is like a hip version of calypso or tropicalia that weakens stiff white knees to dancing.

I am a fan of the song St-Gilles from the album Divine Interest. It is super reverbed and atmospheric with lyrics that I am unable to make out. Shahs’ newest LP “Dry Heat/Valley Low” even made it to Josh’s top releases of 2010 list! You really got to hear this for yerself.

Other, more seasoned, bloggers and journalists have written about Tom and Shahs and I encourage you to check those out. I could provide you with endless links to articles and blogs but here are only a few to get you started on researching this interesting character:



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