Monday, May 16, 2011


I first heard these dudes' demo at one of last year's Total Fest listening parties. My ears were dead, we'd just listened to a particularly painful group of submissions, and I was fucking hungry. I remember being pretty ambivalent towards what I heard, but they were also from Butte and it didn't totally suck. Fast forward to working the door of the festival and suddenly being slammed with their antagonistically noisy and utterly rocking riffs and driving bass - this can't be the same band!? This is fucking great!!!

Mordecai reminds me of all the things I like about bands like Flipper and Pussy Galore - songs that piss me off while unconsciously causing me to turn this shit up! Their incredibly simple tunes are raw and gritty and will leave your head swimming from all the feedback and insane volume. While brevity has never been their strong suit (and why should it be - get lost in the noisescape, man!), this band is going to be absolutely great to see again at Total Fest. They've also got a much anticipated LP coming out on Missoula's very own (and very distinguished) Killertree Records. Make sure you get a spot up front so you can fully experience the total mindfuck that Mordecai has to offer!


country joe said...

This band sucks

US said...

Thanks for the write up, stranger. first time anyone has been positive about our live sounds.

Anonymous said...

one of the best and rawest bands in mt