Friday, May 20, 2011

CUSTODY BATTLE, well we’ve won this one for Total Fest

They are coming back Missoula!

Hide yer kids, hide yer wife! Pickle, Loren and Travis are returning to Total Fest X to follow up their kick-ass set from last year. We had an effing blast down in the Palace and I distinctly remember seeing some melted faces from the punk-ass garage fallout brought on by Travis and Loren's insane shredding, and Pickle's maniac drum skillz.

These boys bring a good portion of Flagstaff with ‘em to party and have a good time. They’ll be here to jump off bridges and float the river with you, PBRs in tow. The flagstaff kids know how to party, there's even a party sounds track on their 10”, and did I mention they party? I can’t wait for these dudes to return and bring their flagstaff family and straightforward, plugged in, punctuated songs.

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