Monday, May 30, 2011

TYSON BALLEW Tasty Local Flavor

Tyson is a Missoula music staple. He is everywhere. Playing music, making art, or playing with his kids. His songs are built with pop chord progressions and layered instrumentation while maintaining an acoustic folk punk sound. His newest album The Escape Artist Kids is Tyson’s punk autobiography of making bands, having big dreams, and being frustrated with the fire marshal’s stance on popular punk venues.
It was recorded at Club Shmed and released on Tyson’s label Tummy Rock. I love the taste of lyrical folk music topped with a punk garnish in my musical diet. Here is a healthy helping of that folk-punk sound you just can’t get enough of.
Check out Tyson’s bandcamp to listen/buy his newest release and also hear his past work here. Explore this talented songwriter's archive and other band releases on his label here.

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