Monday, May 30, 2011

This duo is a powerhouse of loud. They are here to scream about things that matter to them, like the year-old-already-forgotten oil spill in the ocean, working in the service industry and helicopters. Jeff and Camille are best friends and love making music together. Both play with The Hail Seizures, that familiar group of folk-punkers busking throughout the northwest. Sharkpact is a bit different from HS, a little darker, louder and more “plugged-in”. I got a chance to see these two at Le Voyeur in Olympia the other day and I was blown away.

Camille is on the keys and delivers a dark sound, something like a haunted church organ or a creepy dentist’s office. Jeff serves up his brand of energetic percussion ripe with bashing and bass and always with a smile.

I got a few vids on my digital point and shoot camera, the quality stinks but the energy is there and I can’t wait for y’all to see these guys live at Total Fest Ten!

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