Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Houston, Tejas's town we're totally unqualified to comment on. We're better suited to talk about... uh, Pasco, Washington and Blackburg, Virginia frankly. Headquarters of tons of the U.S. chemical industry? Enron? Pain Teens? Tacos? A Miami Vice knockoff called Houston Knights? Hakeem Olajuwan? Nutria? I've heard it's a hardship post if you're in the British Foreign Service. So, in some ways, Houston's on par w. Lagos, man! Isn't Houston Justin Lawrence's home town?

In 1998 or so I read a good essay by James Crumley called Driving Around Houston. It's where most of my information comes from. Mostly he discusses the weird disconnectedness that comes from existing indoors in places that require constant air conditioning to be habitable. That and Matt LaRubbio, who claims a subburb.

Anyhow, that there's a band called Omotai which plays awesome metallic sheets of metal scuzz is pretty cool. They remind me of a younger, faster version of Kylesa somehow, with the same 2000 ft. vocals and awesome, building, repeating, soaring riffs. Voila, Omotai. Meet Total Fest.

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