Saturday, May 14, 2011


Before the ipod, going on long road trips required me to fill up a black caselogic with cds of bands that would accompany the lonely highways of southern Wyoming and would keep my mind off the trip long enough to reach Colorado. Needless to say bands like The Minutemen, Pavement, Beat Happening and The Feelies got me through some pretty unbearable trips.

Portland, Oregon’s very own Sam Humans would without a doubt have been one of my go to albums. Besides some extraordinary beards, Sam Humans write some down right extraordinary tunes - tunes that get engraved into your brain for weeks at a time. The package is there, catchy riffs, impeccable drumming and impressive vocals, not to mention some first-class lyrics. Hell, who knows I might have thrown in their album and before I knew it I would have been in Mexico.

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Rick said...

Totalfest blog post music links are getting me through my day today. Can't wait to see these live instead of "live" in my office.