Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Blind Shake at Total Fest X!

In their own words The Blind Shake play “stompy-garage-y punk with some psychedelic influences”. Which means your ears would have had to be blown off in a high school science accident for you not to enjoy something these guys bring to the table. If you missed their set two years ago at Total Fest let me bring you up to speed. Brothers Mike and Jim Blaha have sworn off bass guitars with the result being an intense and nervous blending of guitar with baritone guitar. The riffs come quick and with the mixture of Dave Ropers pounding of drums the music becomes relentless until The Blind Shake pummel you into the ground like a pissed off, coked-up, steroid infused Macho Man Randy Savage – couldn’t help myself. Total Fest is insanely excited to have The Blind Shake on the roster again this year.

Authors note: If you are in the market for some new music, march down to Ear Candy immediately and pick up The Blind Shakes collaboration with legendary outside artist Michael Yonkers entitled Cold Town b/w Soft Zodiac. This is the second collaboration between the two musical entities and in my opinion was one of the best releases of 2009.

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