Monday, May 23, 2011


Last year I had the wonderful, chance opportunity to walk in on a set by a band called Street Eaters at Total Fest IX and we're happy to announce that they'll be returning to Missoula this summer. I've always had a soft spot for two-piece bands, but to be honest, I'd gotten kinda burnt out on the novelty that many other bands have made of it, but this East Bay husband and wife, Johnny Geek and Megan March took the stage with bass and drums and totally killed it. Their songs are a fresh and explosive mash-up of post-punk and riot grrl inspired sounds with plenty of melody, hooks and occasionally, a bit of heavier, rhythmic bludgeoning to round things out. Top that off with a fascination for the natural world, camping, river fun and underwater exploration. All in all, a perfect fit for us fellow nature dorks in Missoula.

Megan and Johnny have been touring like crazy since they came through last year, have released a couple new EPs, and are about to drop a new full length record on super rad labels Plan-It-X and Bakery Outlet. Here's a fun video with some great bits of live footage (from last year's Total Fest) but there's plenty more great videos out there if you do some exploring:

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Anonymous said...

...just FYI, the live footage on the video was shot at last year's Total Fest, plus many of the nature shots were taken in Yellowstone where Street Eaters spent some quality time with heroic punk rock park ranger Johnny Fink!
--Street Eaters