Monday, May 2, 2011

Seattle, WA's the town that added more hair to rock and roll than anywhere this side of Hollywood in the '80s, or wherever Black Oak Arkansas are from. So, bands like Soundgarden etc. are the well known exports. On the fringes, the town has an incredibly rich underbelly. Bands like the A-Frames knock out insane, cold, skronky punk. Climax Golden Twins washing psychedelic, err, 'scapes of some kind. And it keeps on going from there. AFCGT, the band that features people from both groups, does some insane, unhinged Kraut thing, without any motorik-ness, more just a wild dangerous swing.

This is a long way around an introduction for Le Sang Song. AKA, one of Craig (Lights) Chambers other bands. Le Sang Song's one of those groups that you hear about because the dude puts a CD in your hand. And you listen to it, and after about 5 more listens, you start to digest the thing and it's got a something about it that's completly like what the Lights do, only with a subtleness, or spaciousness that adds a dynamic and takes Craig's crazy baritone in a brand new direction, and you realize that this guy's songwriting ability runs deep and diverse. Live, the band is Craig and his wife Adria. It's also got a rotating (I think) cast of folks from other groups like Factums and A-Frames.

We're tickled pink to have 'em.


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