Well now this certainly is a disgusting treat! You know how when you were getting into punk and you would intentionally play something that you knew would piss off your friends or parents when they came in the room (and you played it loud enough to make sure they did!)? White Shit still makes me want to do this, and I'm fucking old! This is some of the most brilliantly offensive, utterly hilarious, and scathingly furious music I have heard in a long time and I can't get enough. Though make no mistake, this ain't no funny-for-a-minute joke band. Despite their tongues busting through their cheeks, the songs are so good you'll easily find yourself singing them while at work, hoping someone will overhear and ask you about it - which of course sends you diving to the record player (or I-Pod... kids these days...), thrilled with the idea of pissing off yet another square!

Dudes from Big Business, Karp, Monorchid, Wrangler Brutes, etc. combine to deliver tunes whose seemingly sole goal is to infuriate anyone with good taste or self respect. Lyrically, White Shit conjures memories of the mighty Killdozer - songs that are so stupid that it takes nothing short of genius to come up with this stuff.. Visually, they remind me of the way I felt when I started learning what the Internet really had to offer and stumbled upon www.rotten.com around 1997. Sonically - fuck, this shit rages. They even do an excellent cover of an otherwise untouchable band, GISM! Think Black Flag if they never slowed down and if Henry Rollins actually had a sense of humor. I am literally shaking with excitement (or maybe it's from something I caught from handling their record covers...) to see this band - YOU SHOULD BE TOO, MOM!