Monday, June 18, 2012

The Best Westerns: The Soul of Montana

Sometimes, Missoula is referred to as “The other Montana.” With the university here, and its reputation as the states arts and culture capital, a lot of people consider Missoula “weird” when compared to other Montana cities. And sometimes all that weirdness overshadows Missoula’s connection great American West. But Montanans are a proud people with a long, proud history; Missoulians are no exception. Every once in a great while, a band comes along and reminds us of how proud we are of our beautiful state. The Best Westerns are that band.

From the dulcet tones of the pedal steel guitar to the band all wearing their best pearl-snap shirts and cowboy hats, The Best Westerns are Montana through and through. We here on the TF committee are truly excited to have these guys here to inject a little country and western into our mostly rockin’ festival and help us connect with the soul of the West. 

The Best Westerns (demo)

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