Thursday, June 28, 2012


Cousins. There's something special and very personal about this young band, who come to us from Milwaukee, WI. Maybe it was their type-written note or their demo which came packaged with letter-pressed type and an embossed wax seal. It's an intimate package, both physically and musically, from the get go. 

Setting the tone with waves of towering guitars and static, they've mixed familiar elements of post-punk, shoegaze and at times, subtle hints of doom. They're part of a new wave of young DIY bands taking cues from some old favorites such as Slowdive and Sonic Youth, but set their own course altogether with an interesting take on dark and introspective rock. We at Total Fest are excited to host this fantastic young band and hope that you're just as excited as we are to witness them live.

Check out a few tracks their demo EP, Axthoxy, which they have made available for free download

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