Saturday, June 2, 2012


I think it was Neil deGrasse Tyson who once said, “Eat me!” The astrophysicist certainly has a way with words, don’t he? Now imagine, if you will, the moment some early Belgian mason first spit [literally] on the grave of Elvis Presley. All this is to point out the absolute accuracy that sanitation workers maintain with the history of Haruki Murakami’s juvenile development.

Ok, ok. Listening to Rock N Roll Adventure Kids gives me little-to-no reason to believe that they would endorse any of these propositions. But these East Bay sonic murderers would probably be able to agree that the ridiculousness of the previous assertions finds some congruity with the flippancy and fun (alliteration, eh?) necessary to be a loud trash rock outfit in the bustling Bay Area scene.

RARAK (as they’re known by their followers) have been shredding your earholes for a good 5+ years now, but have been more prolific in their touring regimen then their release output. Which all seems pretty rational, given the fact that they are a band to be EXPERIENCED, FELT…and not on low volume. It’s no wonder they were the choice band to tour with Nobunny in 2009: this stuff verges on cartoony, in the best way possible.

Just watch this video:

 Then look at their cover art for 2009’s Hillbilly Psychosis:

What you need to know: Loud, fast garage rock with a Southern flair. A blast to see live. DGAF.

Simply put: Into it.

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