Thursday, June 21, 2012


Denver, with its plains-state grid and and sun-baked yellow-greyness, is the weirdly perfect place for a futuristic, kosmische gloom group like MJOLNIIRDXP. Yeah, all caps. Sort of fucked up Kluster-like, Italian horror dirtier John Carpenter space noise-scape, with that kind of internet non-presence that makes you appreciate a group that has no need for any of this internet nonsense.

I know about MjolniirDXP because one of its members is Mike Reisinger from the excellent thuggy hardcore group Leather Sky and Sleeping Giant Glossolalia label that's responsible for the new Vaz record, Oldest's LP and few more obscuro gems. Here's some more info about them from WFMU, the best radio station in New Jersey.

Yeah, and a Mjolniir is Thor's hammer, made of antimatter, I think.

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