Friday, June 8, 2012


Man,  I don't get how these Oakland bands channel the seventies hard guitar rock into their punk so well. It's gotta be in the water or something. I saw the Lazy Dogs in Austin a year ago at Chaos in Tejas, and it was 100% Thin Lizzy/ZZ Top and James Gang worship, done so fucking incredibly well that you wondered what year you were in. It wasn't some ironic jokey homage to seventies excess or anything, it was just a shredding, power-rock buffet. Served up with total passion, energy and insanity. There was a pit. It was pretty bluesy. "Pot rock," or maybe "acid rock" wouldn't be a bad way to describe it. People went apeshit. I can't really describe it. Probably it's the fact that the Flag/Sabbath worship balances the blues stuff out, like a hearty red wine, cutting the richness of cheese. There are no jogging shoes, tucked in shirts, or Wilson Pickett covers either.

Lecherous Gaze is part of that California scene (Saviours, High On Fire, Howlin' Rain, Earthless, Drunk Horse...) that's been among the most generative in the country at this hard rock renaissance. They've put out a handful of records, toured Europe with Danava, and the coast with Red Fang in their pretty short band-life.

Ex-Annialation Time too. man. Prepare.

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