Thursday, June 14, 2012


…are back AGAIN, folks!  This guitar and drum duo of dorky Northwesterners will be at Total Fest XI.  The Bugs, from PDX, are punky but not crusty, poppy but not pretty and sweet but not salty.  Paul and Mike have played music in Missoula many times in their several incarnations.  They happen to be seasoned musicians from familiar bands like the Last of the Juanitas, Truman’s Water and the Plastic Harmony Band.  The Bugs have been a psych-y, good-time-rock-bandy band since 1998.  Be sure to catch these bugs this august!  You want to add this band to your have-seen collection so don’t forget your net and homemade killing jar.
RIYL:  Super Furry Animals, Violent Femmes, Last of the Juanitas, Buzzcocks, Gollipops

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