Tuesday, June 19, 2012


That's right, Total Folks. We're posting the final batch announcement of this year's Total Fest line-up. Not that we've saved the best for last, but this batch is a gut punch combo: old heads, well worn travelers, noisy weirdness, hefty stoner, playful pop, psych fix, and riff ration. A few strands are still lingering, but we'll have you caught up by the week's end. As with the last two announcements, we'll expand on each of the bands in the following days. Stay tuned.

Cousins Milwaukee, WI
Harkonen Seattle, WA / San Fran, CA 
InternationalPlayboys Missoula, MT 
KingElephant Missoula, MT

Magpies Missoula, MT
MjolniirDXP Denver, CO
Needlecraft Missoula, MT 
ThePharmacy Seattle, WA
Sedan Portland, Or

Tacocat Seattle, WA
Tenement Appleton, WI 
Torche Miami, FL
Unnatural Helpers Seattle, WA
VTO Missoula, MT
Wizard Rifle Portland, OR

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Anonymous said...

Shane Hickey and his Magical Ukulele.... and Jerry!