Monday, June 11, 2012


Getting east coast bands to come all the way out to Missoula, Montana is a bit daunting at times. So with a move from Brooklyn to Seattle, daunting changes to definite when Big Eyes take the stage this August.

Big Eyes seem to get grouped in with so many bands these days, who are unnecessarily, labelled as "pop punk". Saying this may seem to be in the same manner as generalizing past TF alumni such as Todd Congelliere, RVIVR, The Arrivals or Tacocat. All distinct bands with varying sounds.

Big Eyes play straight forward, catchy rock n' roll in the vein of The Replacements, The Muffs or even more contemporary bands like The Measure. It's 3 piece energetic music with DIY roots and a real earnest midwest sound. With recent releases on Grave Mistake and Don Giovanni Records, it can not help but lead to bigger things for Kate, CJ and Chris. 
They tour extensively and are no strangers to Missoula, having played several memorable shows here in the past, including a set this past fall at Zoo City Apparel. Their non-stop touring schedule has been sprinkled with opening slots for heavyweights such as Dillinger 4 and, TF alumni, Pierced Arrows. 

We look forward to sharing Big Eyes with you this August at Total Fest XI!

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