Wednesday, June 27, 2012


For over a decade, Missoula science rockers (and multi-time TF veterans), Volumen, were known as much for their oddball sense of humor as their licks. Much of that comic sensibility can be directly attributed to lead singer/songwriter, Shane Hickey. Since Volumen went on indefinite hiatus last year, Shane needed an outlet for hilarious his songs about trailer park moms, getting drunk, and poontang; he found that outlet in the tiniest of stringed instruments: the ukulele.

After leading many a campfire sing-along with uke in hand, Shane decided to unleash his musical and comical prowess upon the masses as Shane Hicky And His Magical Ukulele (or SHAMU for short). Along with his drummer Jerry (who usually gets fired at least once during every set) Shane has crafted some really catchy and side-splitting tunes on that tiny ukulele. Having known Shane for years, we here at TotalFest headquarters are unbelievably excited to see what kind of material SHAMU…and Jerry come up with at our expense. (To be fair, we probably deserve it.)

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