Sunday, June 17, 2012


For fear of writing a prolix blog about Olympia’s Criminal Code I will keep this blurb concise.  Criminal Code released their 4-track demo “High Command” only 1 year ago.  “High Command” is an energy charged 8 minutes of urgent vocals and repetitive guitars you can really start to feel.  Since their demo they have since released tapes, EPs, toured the West coast and released a Long-Playing album “Cold Thought” on Inimical Records. 

You can taste this record here and here.  Like what you hear?  Crave more fast paced 80’s guitar rifts ala Husker Du and Adolescents?  Me too.  But these guys must get-off on being withholding because they aren’t going to feed you their music over the Internet.  We are going to have to get off the effing computer and go see these dudes perform at Total Fest XI.  See you there!


Anonymous said...

they are not from olympia

Anonymous said...

Tacoma band