Sunday, June 17, 2012


Jensen and Jon, the two dudes that make up Iron Lung, have been twisting out brutal tunes for over a decade. Iron Lung play brutal, bitter, ugly hardcore. Riffs pound, drums push, and it all just leaves one a little desperate for a drink of water, some air. But what makes Iron Lung so damn good, in addition to their well-rehearsed brutality and ability to soar a riff out in the midst of the pummel from time to time, is the presence and humor that's part of the act. Not like it's some big joke or something, just that they have a way of pumping a little levity into the thing and make a show have that much more impact.

They're originally from Reno, later from Seattle, now from Oakland. Their various records, most recently Sexless. No Sex on Prank and a new one apparently being recorded right now, all point to the same dystopian place: Total sonic destruction. Recently, they've started releasing other people's records under the Iron Lung Records label. The label's got lots of awesome variety, and nicely selected set of Australian groups like Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control. Hopefully they've got a distro box in tow for Saturday's Record Swap at the Big Dipper. Here's some footage of them ripping Best Friends Day:

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