Saturday, June 16, 2012


Vicious. That's how I'd best describe WALLS. These four men from Seattle and Portland have been cranking out damaged, blown-out noise and punk for the past few years now. With members of Northwest outsiders Cold Sweat, Iron Lung, and Pig Heart Transplant, they are no strangers to creating relentless, aggressive music with a complete disregard for convention and make no attempt whatsoever to fit into one particular genre -- whether it be hardcore, punk, sludge or noise rock.  They carry plenty of sweat, angst, terror and frustration, and are fronted by one mad man of a vocalist, backed by feedback-soaked guitar and a pummeling rhythm section. Walls bring to mind bits and pieces of off-kilter classics like Born Against, Black Flag, and Unsane, but ultimately, they craft a vicious beast all their own. 

Be sure to check out their recent album The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung Records) and prepare yourself for their set at Total Fest XI.

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