Saturday, May 4, 2013


I first heard Hundred Visions on Dave Martens' excellent Hi-Tone/8 Flags Over Guadlajara radio show on KBGA. Dave's an invetarate rock and roller from the Harbor City of the north and had been going to Austin for years checking out new music. Hundred Visions were one of the bands he's come back with music from. I was driving into Missoula on I-90 and I still remember having to know who the band was. I guess there are lots of moments like that on KBGA.

Regardless of all that Hundred Visions were the band I heard that evening,  I called in to figure it out, and I set my sights on figuring out how to get 'em up to Total Fest. We started swapping email with the band and were stoked to hear they'd heard good things about Total TF and were all about hopping into a van and coming north. Musically, it's got some a big rocking surf gallop and the kind of fast-tempo driving perfectly executed pop of Buzzcocks or something. It gets me a little nostalgic for one of my all-time favorite bands the Joggers when I hear the big melodies and uber-tight execution and the overarching good-time-all-the-time vibe.

Here's a recent video.

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