Monday, May 13, 2013


Full disclosure: I recently organized my records, and I found a glaring hole in my vinyl collection. I do not own a single FederationX record. My computer possesses the dreaded digital versions of American Folk Horror, X Patriot, and an "unknown" folder with some indecipherable live tracks, but my shelves lack it. This I can rectify in August when Fed X graces Missoula and Total Fest yet again. It's a long, rich, exhausting history. Fed X played the inaugural Total Fest way back in 2002 (shake those cobwebs people), played TF a couple more times (2004, 2007, 2008 -- correct me, if I'm wrong on the years), as well as a host of shows here and there throughout the years. They're like our favorite cousin .... or something.

Since Fed X spread out across the country (sometime in 2004), they've been on an exceptionally frustrating intermittent touring schedule. If you've been lucky enough to catch them, then you should be done with your bucket list. Fed X has that classic sound that never sounds stale. As local connoisseur, Andy Semetanka, writes "you can drop the needle just about anywhere and feel like you’re riding the right wormhole between meat-and-potatoes ‘70s rock and a post-everything deconstruction/annihilation of same, a thick scurf of guitar grime and the industrial solvent that strips it away" (Indy 2004). Hell, there's no need to reinvent the wheel when someone else has expressed it perfectly. Similar to the review, Fed X records stand the test of time. From what I understand, Ben, Bill, and Beau are somewhat re-anchored in the Northwest. They've recently recorded a new record,We Do What We Must, that should be released this summer. If the t-shirt is any indication, the record will be a sinister, meticulous execution that will taunt your ears and recall some deeply rooted desires. (It's a kitten about to attack a dragonfly. Have you ever witnessed a cat terrorizing an insect? Enough said).

We all love power trios. Fed X is one of the top notch power trios running. We love Fed X. We know all of our total bros and total sisters love Fed X.  It's essentially rock but with that north west groove cut with a knife. Fuzzy riffs, feedback and reverb saturated vocals, punctuated by a drummer who seems to be everywhere at once, Fed X continues to stir the sludge metal cauldron with fantastic and awesomely unexpected results

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If my band has applied and have not heard anything at this point, am I to assume we are not 'in'?