Friday, May 24, 2013


Remember Tad?

Yeah, that was a long ass time ago. Hurts to say that.

Tad Doyle's most recent project, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth , featuring bassist Peggy “Pegadeth” Doyle and Drummer Dave French (Brokaw) offers up a decidedly heavy beast of sludge. I remember the excited whispers that flew around when news broke that Tad had a new project in the works, and a few people were annoyingly vocal about how good the 2009 release Brothers of the Sonic Cloth/Mico de Noche split sounds. It is one hell of a record, but we all know those people who don't let up and become even more insistent when you tell them you listened to it and you like it.

As I gathered up links and such for Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, I was somewhat struck by the number of times people mused over their fondness of Tad only to say that BotSC sounded nothing like it. Well, they don't (I guess I'm doing that too). There's no mistaking Tad's vocals, but the music is so much heavier than anything I've heard Doyle do before. The twelve-plus-minute slog "Fires Burn Dim in the Shadows of the Mountain" is a doom, sludge filled delight, proving that heavy music can still impose its will on time and space. There's some sweet rhythms fluctuating throughout this with just the right mix of vocals and riffs. I've yet to see Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, but everything that I've heard offers some promisingly thick jams that speaks for itself. There's no exaggeration, no extraneous fill -- just pound the ground brutality churning over itself. Doyle and company craft swift, elegant, epic marathons of sonic thunder.

It's an awesome development in a continually evolving career. Once we have the schedule posted, you'll want to circle this one.

If you're in Seattle check out Sub Pop record label’s 25th Silver Jubilee. ex-Tad guitarist, Gary Thorstensen, will join BotSC to play a few song's from God's Balls, Salt Lick and 8-Way records as well as a few new gems from BotSC.

Sadly, former drummer Aaron Edge has been diagnosed with MS. Please consider donating to help Aaron and his wife meet some of their financial challenges associated with the disease. More info at

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